Rec.Juggling Archive, February 16, 2001

16-013227 Jeff Benzon          Re: juggling age??
16-020900 Ziyx                 Re: juggling age??
16-021620 Weylan Wang          Re: Glow Balls or equivalent
16-022532 Dave Bostock         Re: Miami Florida Chinese Festival
16-031154 Roger W. C. Hansen   Re: juggling age??
16-032454 Andrew Conway        Re: juggling age??
16-034554 Alan Morgan          Re: Miami Florida Chinese Festival
16-093311 Willem-Jan Monsuwe   Re: 3-ball shower harder than 5-ball cascade?!
16-093542 Paul Brown           5 ball flash
16-093949 Paul Brown           Feeds
16-094136 Willem-Jan Monsuwe   Re: SV: juggling "heavy" balls
16-100019 Gunnar Andersson     Re: Feeds
16-102353 Paul Brown           Re: Feeds
16-103409 wilsoncredit@email.c ****SPECIAL REPORT****
16-112155 Patrick Cochran      Re: 5 ball flash
16-124741 Greg Phillips        Re: 5 ball flash
16-130013 Greg Phillips        Re: Feeds
16-131943 Ewan                 Re: ****SPECIAL REPORT****
16-144538 Alessandro Scotti    Re: 5 ball flash
16-153045 Todd Strong          How do you pass a one? Was: 3-ball shower hard
16-171932 Viveca Gardiner      Re: What are my chances of ever beeing able to
16-191121 Daniel Mitchell      Re: Glow Balls or equivalent
16-203905 Chris Cartier        Re: juggling age??
16-215941 Iain Duncan          Re: What are jugglers worth? [was: rate inquir
16-222937 Hal                  Re: ****SPECIAL REPORT****
16-232324 Thomas Lfqvist      SV: 5 ball flash
16-233530 Steve Andersen       Grand Fest

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