Rec.Juggling Archive, February 15, 2001

15-004153 Dusty Galbraith      Ritz Cracker Juggling
15-004453 Dusty Galbraith      Dick Van Dyke Juggling
15-005312 Robert Davies        Where to go next?
15-010903 cain                 Re: Juggling Chainsaw
15-020355 Ewan                 Re: Where to go next?
15-022718 Dave Gaskell         Re: 3-ball shower harder than 5-ball cascade?!
15-023151 Chris Cartier        Re: Modifying clubs
15-032456 festivals@juggling.o Festivals News
15-073423 Dave Gaskell         Re: Modifying clubs
15-110626 Alessandro Scotti    Re: Learning five, questions
15-133110 Gerald R. Martin     Jay Gilligan's new show...
15-144744 Tim McKenzie         juggling age??
15-153444 Thomas Lfqvist      SV: Where to go next?
15-160002 Thomas Lfqvist      SV: juggling age??
15-163255 Eric Bagai           Re: juggling age??
15-191229 Steve Kvech          any more jugglers in or near Blacksburg, VA?
15-200711 Steve Otteson        Re: prove this fact about siteswaps
15-201648 Hal                  Re: Ritz Cracker Juggling
15-235015 Octopus              Re: Learning five, questions

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