Rec.Juggling Archive, January 27, 2001

27-000504 alan kunka           proper heights
27-002326 Steve Brown          Re: Giant Kendamas!!!!
27-002327 Steve Brown          Re: Japanese Juggling Props?
27-014954 Lisa A. Meikle       Re: Giant Kendamas!!!!
27-031240 Roger W. C. Hansen   Re: Giant Kendamas!!!!
27-052716 Eric Bagai           Re: Video of World Records.
27-063953 Skeld                Re: Which clubs to buy?
27-082228 Eric Bagai           Re: using  parafifin
27-090846 Hal                  Re: proper heights
27-134306 Garth                5th South African Juggling Convention
27-143248 GARY RILEY           Heavy Clubs?
27-144748 chris_sutton@my-deja Re: proper heights
27-183446 Andrew Conway        Juggling in the OED
27-183744 Hal                  Re: Heavy Clubs?

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