Rec.Juggling Archive, June 21, 2000

21-024340 Greg Phillips        Re: qualifying
21-025808 Jason Lee Quinn      Re: Something new
21-035331 Andy                 Re: Talented jugglers (future superstars)?
21-043513 Andrew Conway        Re: Something new
21-070800 The reverend Al.     Re: World juggling Day Uk
21-085217 Colin E.             BJC2001
21-090558 Colin E.    (was: yet another JIS discussio
21-102526 Chris Emerson        Re: how many people in the world ...
21-135510 Paul Seward          Poi-tastitc (mate)
21-145347 Little Paul          Re: WIN US$225 of Poi equipment
21-161017 Viveca Gardiner      Re: Queens, NY club sought
21-165305 Ray de Groat         Need whitewall tires for my unicycle
21-170749 Multiplexdan         Re: (was: yet another JIS discu
21-172623 Mark Cambo           Re: Need whitewall tires for my unicycle
21-174028 Michael Ferguson     Re: Who's who and other stuff.
21-175523 Alan Morgan          Re: Talented jugglers (future superstars)?
21-185702 chris_sutton@my-deja Re: (was: yet another JIS discu
21-190634 chris_sutton@my-deja when your cascade gets too wide....
21-202751 Nathan Hoover        Re: Something new
21-213610 Viveca Gardiner      Re: Talented jugglers (future superstars)?
21-221040 Magic79513           any good diaboloists?
21-221700 Mark Thomas          Re: any good diaboloists?
21-231721 Dusten Galbraith     Circus Smirkus (?sp) on Disney

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