Rec.Juggling Archive, May 22, 2000

22-004016 Isaac Orr            Re: New six club endurance record
22-030046 Nathan Peterson      Re: why going from 3 to 5 is harder than going
22-060903 Jimbren541           Re: Juggling T-shirts
22-090355 Eric Bagai           Re: Juggling vs Magic
22-101259 Trog@email.fake      Re: Unicycling, contact juggling (RE: Computer
22-131749 Armas Aavatsmark     Re: why going from 3 to 5 is harder than going
22-141120 Brendan Brolly       Re: 2 club stack
22-142146 Brian Wendling       Rolling globe idea
22-143421 slammin              Re: Juggling T-shirts
22-145359 Greg Phillips        Re: Juggling vs Magic
22-153021 Jani Kyllonen        Juggling your ATM card code
22-154433 Rob Stone            Re: 2 club stack
22-154642 Rob Stone            Re: Juggling your ATM card code
22-164902 JAG                  Re: World Juggling Day?
22-172422 Michael Ferguson     Re: Multiplexing
22-180650 Michael Ferguson     Re: Multiplexing
22-182040 Mate Szalay          RE: Multiplexing
22-182314 Michael Ferguson     Re: Juggling vs Magic
22-182533 Alan Morgan          Re: Globalls/Astroballs Patterns?
22-182804 Alan Morgan          Re: Wobbly Balls
22-184615 TCH                  Re: Tired of spam!
22-194752 jhon                 JUGGLING SHOW
22-202924 Michael Ferguson     Re: Multiplexing
22-203839 Nathan Peterson      Re: 2 club stack
22-205336 Jamie Whoolery       Re: Games for children?
22-212402 John Armstrong       UK inter-university convention
22-213502 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: Juggling T-shirts
22-213620 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: Tired of spam!
22-214207 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: World Juggling Day?
22-214406 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: Wobbly Balls
22-222230 Isaac Orr            Re: Multiplexing
22-224657 Thomas Arneberg      Re: Tired of spam!
22-232226 Shawn Fumo           An online video of Spintops, Contact Juggling,
22-232347 Matt Howell          Re: Juggling vs Magic
22-233723 Matthew Macauley     Cheap Contact Juggling Balls
22-234731 Crawshay             Re: Globalls/Astroballs Patterns?
22-235531 Hurricane            Re: Juggling T-shirts
22-235532 carson               pogo stick

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