Rec.Juggling Archive, May 14, 2000

14-002823 Greg Phillips        Re: Looking for a juggling club in Glasgow Sco
14-010257 stephen.whitis@spamM World Juggling Day
14-020424 Joseph Crea          Re: Contact equipment?
14-021328 Joseph Crea          Re: Fire eating Fuels
14-023027 "Brian & Michele Ber Re: unicycle problem
14-045633 Bill Wood            Re: still trying to juggle
14-051000 Bill Wood            Re: *Hip Hip Horray* i've done it
14-054435 Stephen M. Sebeny    Juggling Supplies?
14-055633 Auntie Sym           Re: Juggling Supplies?
14-072830 5intheair            Re: Juggling Supplies?
14-091203 Eric Bagai           Re: World Juggling Day?
14-092315 booboo               Re: Passing records
14-112628 mini                 Re: Juggling Supplies?
14-142829 luke burrage         BJC2K Photo Gallery ... at last!
14-153951 Scott Seltzer        Re: Question about qualifying
14-154620 jhon                 reverse chops
14-155530 Jake Cooper          Re: unicycle problem
14-172800 The reverend Al.     World Juggling Day, Barnet Herts, Uk
14-184909 Mark Thomas          7 balls
14-184910 Mark Thomas          7 balls
14-184911 Mark Thomas          7 balls
14-184912 Mark Thomas          7 balls
14-184916 chris_sutton@my-deja and so, another long journey begins today.....
14-204322 Charles O Donoghue   Re: Looking for a juggling club in Glasgow Sco
14-232245 Gerald R. Martin     Re: IJA Video
14-234629 Jason Lee Quinn      Re: Five club question.

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