Rec.Juggling Archive, May 13, 2000

13-002254 Morticia             Re: what is the topic of this news-group?
13-003956 Greg Phillips        Re: stoats, etc.
13-005001 Michael Ferguson     Letterfrack Juggling Con Info
13-010246 "Brian & Michele Ber Houston Juggling and Unicycling Club Forming
13-030939 Greg Phillips        World Juggling Day?
13-053237 nnn                  Re: IJA Video
13-081842 Mate Szalay          RE: Question about qualifying
13-092058 Eric Bagai           Re: World Juggling Day?
13-101347 Kae                  Re: Michael Moschen
13-152907 Greg Phillips        Re: World Juggling Day?
13-154025 mvdbijl              Re: help...again
13-154812 GARY RILEY           two clubs in one hand
13-170949 Tobias Vesterlund    Linkffff6ping jugglers?!
13-174543 Alan Mackenzie       What is paraffin? [was fuels]
13-184238 Matthew Hall         Re: IJA Video
13-191614 Matthew Hall         Re: *Hip Hip Horray* i've done it
13-214158 GARY RILEY           unicycle problem
13-215450 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: Houston Juggling and Unicycling Club Formi
13-223018 Matt Howell          Re: IJA Video
13-234122 christine_mcmillan@m Looking for a juggling club in Glasgow Scotlan

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