Rec.Juggling Archive, May 11, 2000

11-000330 Edward Smith         Re: Computer Scientists...
11-000559 Marty Dukes          Re: Fire eating Fuels
11-001327 Marty Dukes          Re: Computer Scientists...
11-011424 Foreworks            fuels
11-023603 Jake Cooper          Re: performing numbers
11-025633 Andrew John Conway   Re: IJA convention
11-055027 Matt Howell          Re: Computer Scientists...
11-071452 Arthur               Re: Computer Scientists...
11-083629 Szalay Mate Janos    Question about qualifying
11-083840 Eric Bagai           Computer Sci
11-090450 Colin E.             Re: Computer Scientists...
11-092350 Re: Stained stage balls
11-094025 OtherTom             Re: Question about qualifying
11-100253 Sigmund Hewett       Re: Another theory (tricks vs. numbers)
11-100656 David                Re: Fire eating Fuels
11-102850 Trog@email.fake      Re: Computer Scientists...
11-110050 Russ                 Re: Five club question.
11-110149 Paul Seward          Re: Passing records
11-110916 Mate Szalay          RE: Question about qualifying
11-112015 Rob Stone            bjc2k pictures ....
11-112955 Russ                 Re: Cool Trick
11-113417 Russ                 Re: Cool Trick
11-113657 Russ                 Re: Hardest juggling tricks ever
11-122439 OtherTom             RE: Question about qualifying
11-124554 OtherTom             Re: Cool Trick
11-125106 OtherTom             Re: Hardest juggling tricks ever
11-135846 Jani Kyllonen        Re: Cool Trick
11-143800 Steven Ragatz        Re: Stained stage balls
11-160556 Peter Blanchard      Juggling Game of Buzz (was Re: Computer Scient
11-161732 Peter Blanchard      Re: Question about qualifying
11-164959 Mate Szalay          RE: Question about qualifying
11-182450 luke burrage         RE: Question about qualifying
11-185026 Michael Ferguson     Re: Five club question.
11-192911 christine_mcmillan@m still trying to juggle
11-195211 Gillmer J. Derge     Re: still trying to juggle
11-200245 Nathan Hoover        Re: Five club question.
11-200803 ALAN Sportartikel Gm PowerSkip
11-201233 Alan Morgan          Re: Question about qualifying
11-202100 mvdbijl              Re: Michael Moschen
11-203642 ALAN Sportartikel Gm Re: PowerSkip
11-211315 chris_sutton@my-deja Re: Computer Scientists...
11-211938 mogador              Dancey's Devilment
11-213559 mogador              Re: still trying to juggle
11-213729 keniwasa             Re: still trying to juggle
11-215844 TCH                  Re: Learning how to juggle
11-222322 Jake Cooper          Why I juggle (was Re: Computer Scientists...)
11-222540 TCH                  Prop Fever!!

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