Rec.Juggling Archive, May 8, 2000

08-024347 Andy Wortman         DC Congress of Jugglers... last warning :)
08-043518 Barton Chittenden    Re: Software for NT
08-050009 5intheair            Burke's
08-052143 Matthew Hall         Re: Gladiator
08-053851 Matthew Hall         My cup floweth over....
08-072655 Jugabee              Re: Gladiator
08-092516 Bruce Love           Difficulty Level of a Site Swap
08-112108 Rob Stone            Re: BJC2k -No shoes
08-113103 Rob Stone            Re: squash mats
08-113117 Re: BJC2k -No shoes
08-122719 luke burrage         Re: My cup floweth over....
08-131504 Kenny Wood           Michael Moschen
08-132833 Kae Verens           Re: Michael Moschen
08-134356 Re: Gladiator
08-140014 OtherTom             Re: Cool Trick
08-154917 Brian D Milner       Re: Gladiator
08-155827 Colin E.             Re: Difficulty Level of a Site Swap
08-162132 Rob Stone            Re: BJC2k -No shoes
08-162445 Rob Stone            Re: Cool Trick
08-164138 Brian D Milner       Re: Interesting new toy
08-170124 Re: BJC2k -No shoes
08-174415 Jugabee              Re: Michael Moschen
08-180434 Paul Isaak           Re: Gladiator
08-184551 Alan Morgan          Juggling (sort of) sighting
08-192830 Peter Blanchard      10 Balls
08-192938 Jon Mease            Re: Cool Trick
08-201624 Alan Morgan          Re: 10 Balls
08-203503 Alex Kowalcyk        performing numbers
08-210725 Raphael Lasar        Mills Mess
08-211751 mvdbijl              Re: Michael Moschen
08-222443 Kae                  Re: Michael Moschen
08-231039 Michael Ferguson     Re: squash mats
08-231630 Mitch Evans          Re: chainsaw

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