Rec.Juggling Archive, March 9, 2000

09-003549 Foreworks            Re: new jugglers...
09-003653 Brett Walach         Re: passing patterns with balls
09-004430 Brett Walach         WTD: 24" Miyata (or similar) Unicycle
09-005826 Brett Walach         Re: BOX Juggling
09-010614 Bill Wood            Re: new jugglers...
09-035836 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: Exersize
09-043428 JTJock101            Re: What is this called....
09-043457 Jay                  videos/books
09-051546 Woody LaBounty       Re: Grand Rapids and Prize Money
09-071854 Andrew John Conway   Chinese scarf jugglers win bronze
09-105049 Narvitopia           Re: videos/books
09-124633 Mark Wiggins         Birmingham (UK) Circus Convention returns 29th
09-163750 multiplexdan@my-deja Re: History of the Georgian Shuffle?
09-174348 multiplexdan@my-deja Re: Exersize
09-180530 santos tseng         Re: new jugglers... (add practice time)
09-193412 mvdbijl              Re: Contact Juggling..3 balls
09-221643 Michael Ferguson     Re: Books on skits?
09-223143 Jake Cooper          Re: new jugglers... (add practice time)

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