Rec.Juggling Archive, December 12, 1999

12-015114 Tonybrent            Stilts
12-021841 Juggler              Re: Juggling Music
12-021905 Ben Pritchard        Re: I'm Learning....
12-095955 Tim Goodwin          Re: Bounce Juggling Balls
12-122142 cdw10@cix.compulink. Re: I'm Learning....
12-132052 mini                 closed email list for UK Juggler.
12-163816 webhamster           Re: archiving
12-164311 magicthomas@my-deja. New juggling stimulation!
12-184221 Gregory Edwards      rec.diabolo or rec.juggling.diabolo
12-195056 Shawn Fumo           Re: Circus skills CD ROM
12-195824 Charlie Holland      Re: Cirque du Soleil's Quidam on Bravo
12-203121 Cubby                what to do after 4ball fountain
12-205304 Cliff Stephens       Club rotation in patterns
12-213441 victor               Re: Juggling in Spain?
12-213556 Whalens              Re: what to do after 4ball fountain
12-221222 Jim                  Re: awkward left
12-221719 Jim                  Re: Juggling music
12-222306 Jim                  Juggling in Spain?
12-223527 Matt Howell          membership roster

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