Rec.Juggling Archive, October 17, 1999

17-003242 Dale Rueber          Re: Club durability
17-005356 ChickenDud           Re: Club durability
17-005826 arnie2000            Re: T.G.I.F. Fridays Bartenders
17-012404 quiddity ephemeris   Re: T.G.I.F. Fridays Bartenders
17-012405 quiddity ephemeris   Re: fire-rope-dealer?
17-021940 Vardys3              Re: phycical laws of juggling
17-073911 Daniel Ehlers        Re: Club durability
17-080415 warren summers       Re: Qualify vs Flash [was: How many catches...
17-085757 Dick Franco          Who is this?
17-091457 Dick Franco          Who is this
17-113711 Kevin Rowe           Novelties in Workshops
17-121121 Rob Stone            Re: Philly Fest
17-141640 Kit Summers          Re: Novelties in Workshops
17-160445 webhamster           Show us your nuts!
17-172140 jayko                Re: Who is this
17-174625 webhamster           Re: Philly Fest
17-180642 Shawn Fumo           Ball/Club Instructional Videos?
17-210052 Wolfgang Westerboer  martins madness, not hurried
17-220939 OMC                  wanted fireclubs
17-232857 Jason                Re: T.G.I.F. Fridays Bartenders
17-233029 Jason                Re: phycical laws of juggling
17-233710 Jason                Juggling Items tied together...

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