Rec.Juggling Archive, September 8, 1999

08-000846 ApeApe28             Anybody now a site for hat tricks?
08-004021 Francis Favorini     Re: Hugo or St.louis festival
08-015431 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: freestanding ladder
08-020442 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: 2nd Try for Club Covers
08-021414 Steve Andersen       Re: why perform?
08-024747 JAG                  Re: cigar boxes
08-045443 Graham W. Boyes      Re: cigar boxes
08-061321 robinson             Re: who have you juggled for?
08-063805 Wayne                Re: freestanding ladder
08-094846 Kit Summers          Re: cigar boxes
08-104645 Pjotr                Re: Searcing jugglers in germany
08-120110 Bruce Love           Diabolo - unwrap - recapture
08-120251 jayko                Re: G. Gordon Liddy: Juggling class at Duke Un
08-125256 Mr. the Hoople       busking in europe
08-130429 Don Lewis            Lighted balls?
08-140114 Tony Crowe           beginner
08-143857 Dave Barnes          Re: Diabolo - unwrap - recapture
08-150022 Trog@email.fake      Tightwire For Sale
08-154952 survey1_pt@hotmail.c Apeal for UN intervention - Stop East Timor  G
08-160540 Dave Barnes          Re: Two Diabolo Site Cont.
08-161902   Re: giraffe cycle wanted
08-173115 Francis Favorini     Re: G. Gordon Liddy: Juggling class at Duke Un
08-201348 dirtycow             Re: cigar boxes
08-201819 happyjuggler         Re: GOOD NEWS............for me
08-202257 Steven Ragatz        Re: why perform?
08-202328 ejbagai@user2.telepo Re: Opinions on fire balls?
08-213050 quiddity             looking for antimony (thalia)
08-220849 Steven Godfrey       Juggling Skittles (Details)
08-221411 jugglergal           Re: Yeehah ! First Performance !
08-224108 RedJester5           Re: busking in europe
08-230409 Chris Simmons        Re: Time Reversed Burkes Barrage
08-232438 Pete Lilja           Re: Juggling Skittles (Details)
08-234148 Amanda Dalton        Re: Call for Research on juggling (related to 
08-235013 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling Skittles (Details)
08-235034 Mike Hawkins         Re: who have you juggled for?

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