Rec.Juggling Archive, August 15, 1999

15-011040 Barton Chittenden    Re: Stage Balls -vs- Beanbags
15-074447 JTJock101            The Zuchinni's
15-091206 warren summers       "sorry, your not juggling"
15-104025 Lance Hoffman        Re: cigar boxes
15-143647 M. Scott Dineen      Re: Stage Balls -vs- Beanbags
15-152051 Pete Lilja           Teaching Kid Performers
15-153438 Joel Heidtman        Re: Stage Balls -vs- Beanbags
15-155910 Sideshow Bill        Re: "sorry, your not juggling"
15-160350 Ploover              Re: Stage Balls -vs- Beanbags
15-163442 BNDVDSN              Re: "sorry, your not juggling"
15-165426 Andrew John Conway   Re: "sorry, your not juggling"
15-180933 Ploover              Any snuff-box Ideas?
15-183521 ejbagai@user2.telepo Re: The Zuchinni's
15-190731 Jay Linn             Re: Any snuff-box Ideas?
15-195028 Dusty Galbraith      Re: The Zuchinni's
15-195315 Jay Linn             Attention Mark D. Cambo
15-203601 m0i                  Does anyone know a source for the New style Ai
15-220514 Matthew Hall         Re: cigar boxes
15-220526 Matthew Hall         Re: cigar boxes
15-233431 Jay Linn             Re: Problems with Clubs

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