Rec.Juggling Archive, July 23, 1999

23-025810 Vardys2              Re: Canadian juggling supplys
23-034235  TV Show opportunity
23-043201 Mickey               Re: the best juggling video?
23-151408 DFrooman             need ride
23-152005 michael_lacriola@cdh Re: Where's the juggling action in Chicago?
23-180557 Phillip San Miguel   Re: juggling "superlatives" listed in IJA News
23-194840 Orinoco              I had fun & I just want to tell someone
23-200645 ejbagai@user2.telepo Re: Glowing Contact Juggling Balls?
23-205058 Jun Nakashima        The History of juggling
23-205646 Phillip San Miguel   Re: the best juggling video?
23-215534 Benjamin Schoenberg  test: Numbers Competition
23-220553 Andrew John Conway   Re: The History of juggling
23-224812 Jim Barlow           Impossible wheel
23-224935 Jim Barlow           Re: Impossible wheel

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