Rec.Juggling Archive, July 13, 1999

13-003524 Kit Summers          Re: My secret shame
13-005237 Andy                 Re: Juggling and ADHD
13-020202 Andrew John Conway   Re: I Can't Believe It....
13-083050 Sybolt Ettema        ik zoek M Dekkers uit Weert Nederland
13-170647 Dale Rueber          Re: My secret shame
13-174321 Sideshow Bill        Re: Changing the name of the IJA (Was: Apology
13-182541 Arvid Andersson      Re: My secret shame
13-183117 Michael Hennecke     EJA General Assembly 1999
13-190100 fsck                 Re: My secret shame
13-224327 juggler              juggling simulation on PC
13-225430 Barton Chittenden    Re: My secret shame
13-232839 Jc                   Re: juggling simulation on PC

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