Rec.Juggling Archive, July 9, 1999

09-002629 Ken the Juggler      Re: BJC 1999 convention video (was record numb
09-003606 Bruce J. Pfeffer     Jugglers and Variety Artists wanted
09-032627 Travis Saunders      Re: Changing the name of the IJA (Was: Apology
09-035941 Slackbutt            niagara question...
09-040638 Joel Heidtman        Re: IJA Stage Championships
09-050621 Jason Goodman        re: info on IJA Convention
09-071249 Martin Frost me at s Re: IJA Stage Championships
09-094602 Trog@email.fake      Re: how much to charge?
09-095347 Trog@email.fake      Re: make money off your web page
09-101046 CAR525               Sideshow Website
09-103138 Charlie Hull         Re: URGENT: Unicycling from London to Cambridg
09-103951 Dave Barnes          Re: Juggling Clubs! Where are they?
09-105900 Kit Summers          Re: how much to charge?
09-113424 Mr Pie               ball rolling
09-152403 Christophe Prechac   ambidextrous popcorns
09-162149 garth                Re: info on IJA Convention
09-163156 Woody LaBounty       Re: how much to charge?
09-171101  Re: Juggling and Airports
09-172116  Re: Juggling on a Trampoline
09-173425  Re: WJD Final Results!
09-174050 Jason                Re: ball rolling
09-175133  Re: EJC 99 Help!!!!
09-183136 Magijugglr           Re: IJA Stage Championships
09-185904 RCWsEmail            cub scout day camp juggler wanted
09-191431 Phillip San Miguel   Re: I Can't Believe It....
09-230600 Steven Ragatz        Prop Vendor Testimonial

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