Rec.Juggling Archive, July 1, 1999

01-011313 Eric Shibuya         WJD Thanks
01-023732     burkes barrage
01-023848 Richard Beauregard   Re: WJD Thanks
01-025139 Steve Andersen       Re: Lift Bouncing
01-033401 Victor               Re: Juggling rubber chickens
01-051402 Rachael Houston      unscribe
01-081502 JIS Info Robot       rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
01-083342 Paul Stephens        More bounce stuff
01-094010 Colin E.             Re: The Gibadulins
01-094125  Re: Where have all the floozies gone? - repost
01-094832 Chris Emerson        Re: 5 ball tricks?
01-103446 Kit Summers          Re: unscribe
01-125158 Brian D Milner       Re: The Gibadulins
01-132350 Rob Stone            Re: The Gibadulins
01-134023 angelui              club passin' shows
01-145214 Kevin Gilbertson     Unicycle Across Minnesota T-shirts
01-171124 Mark Evans Jeffcoat  Re: How do you classify various juggling skill
01-183725 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: unscribe
01-183846 Arvid Andersson      Re: Michael Moschen videos?
01-210002 G.K.MacGregor        Re: juggling joke.
01-213023 Charlie Holland      Career Opportunities at The Circus Space
01-220301 Jason                Burkes Barrage
01-221635 Jake Cooper          Apology (not really juggling-related)
01-234427 Default              Re: Apology (not really juggling-related)

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