Rec.Juggling Archive, May 3, 1999

03-001941 Vagnard              Hi everyone here !
03-002807 Bootyone             Re: Fire eating/Oregon?
03-003141 Bootyone             Re: Safe firebreathing
03-003753 Bootyone             Re: fire breathing danger !!!!! JIS web info?
03-005246 Bootyone             I NEED 5 MINUTES WITH AN EXPERIENCED FIRE BLOW
03-043141 Andrew Conway        Wedding and show invitation
03-044959 UniVent              Juggling and the simpsons
03-050209 festivals@juggling.o Festivals Updates
03-082148 Erik                 Whereabouts Jan Oving
03-083644 Erik                 Performers wanted for public show Dutch Juggli
03-103250 Driekus Heijsteeg    Re: I NEED 5 MINUTES WITH AN EXPERIENCED FIRE 
03-112347 Kim Potter           Re: New trading name.
03-115923 Rob Stone            Re: riddle (was Re: Bye bye to The Catch)
03-135400 Dominic Tavassoli    Re: Why do people juggle?
03-140728 Mr Pie               5 balls
03-143756 Charlie Holland      Re: Looking for a Human salamander
03-151127 Barton Chittenden    Re: Juggling and the simpsons
03-160337 Steve Conley         Mills Mess videos?
03-162825 Nicky Wallace        Re: Help 7balls
03-163708 jedsheehan@jester46. equipment for sale
03-173846 Andy Arhelger        Re: Please help me Juggle 5 clubs
03-180917 Rodirick             Numbers juggling simulation
03-180920 Rodirick             Formula for site swap difficulty
03-181011 Maarten Zanders      Firebreathing in general...
03-210717 Robert Chang         Re: Mills Mess videos?
03-215845 Arvid Andersson      Re: 5 balls
03-215846 Arvid Andersson      Re: Mills Mess videos?
03-222149 Stephen Chan         flash and four clubs
03-223251 Iain Watts           Re: Mill's Mess
03-223953 Steven Ragatz        Re: Please help me Juggle 5 clubs
03-232447 aaron gregg          Re: Please help me Juggle 5 clubs

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