Rec.Juggling Archive, March 25, 1999

25-013338 Micgoose             Re: Bouncing Balls
25-033928 jeanette \"flaming f Re: Juggling shop in DC?
25-042957 jayko                Re: Philly directions?
25-044024 Juggle98             Re: Niagra Celebraties?
25-045325 UniVent              Re: software
25-045630 Fred Martin          Re: software
25-055504 JNations             Re: Five club three up pirouettes
25-061543 Andrew Conway        Re: Type of Clubs for beginners?
25-071356 Kristopher Setnes    Re: If you get good enough, can juggling get y
25-082800 Johannes Waldmann    Re: improvising in solo / juggling states
25-115733 Gilles.Peters        need clown stuffs
25-120427 Gilles.Peters        SCOTT DIABOLO STRING
25-124257 Gerald R. Martin     Re: Club repair
25-135549 Don Lewis            Re: Type of Clubs for beginners?
25-163019 Re: Drink juggling
25-163226 Bob Charlie          Juggling and Viagra???
25-203452 Ken the Juggler      Re: Drink juggling
25-224112 UniVent              Weighted Balls
25-235254 Rodirick             Re: Drink juggling

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