Rec.Juggling Archive, March 3, 1999

03-012639 JAG                  Re: Absurdly Hard Passing Pattern
03-020606 Pete Walbridge       plate spinning advice
03-022532 Jake Cooper          Re: the machine & the box
03-065425 Henrik Nilsson       Re: Club juggling challenge on TV
03-073227 james scullion       the machine & the box
03-075838 Jack Boyce           "Longest Simple Patterns" paper & challenge
03-090415 Trog@email.fake      Re: Bad Subject Lines: Japenese unicycle
03-092153 LP                   Re: hat juggling
03-100641 ejbagai@user2.telepo Re: Acrylic balls from Todd Smith
03-102727 Nick Huxley          Costs of holding a juggling convention in the 
03-132516 Colin E.             Re: Costs of holding a juggling convention in 
03-134945 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: Jugglesaver and Win 3.1??
03-140832 Marc Massar          Re: Bad Subject Lines:  TMBG Anyone?
03-141608 Marc Massar          3B behind the back
03-143830 Chris Emerson        Re: 3B behind the back
03-151333 charlesrnhull@my-dej AD: Circus Show in Cambridge UK
03-151431 Mandy Dorn           Re: Jims 3 count
03-154437 Barton Chittenden    Re: Club juggling challenge on TV
03-155320 charlesrnhull@my-dej Re: hat juggling
03-182235 DFrooman             how was hawaii?
03-202701 keithk@msu.oscs.mont Teaching Juggling
03-212018 ApeApe28             Synchonized Box
03-215734 Rodirick             Re: Synchonized Box
03-223611 Isaac Orr            Re: Synchonized Box
03-224719 Jeff Dillon          Re: Synchonized Box
03-230709 Isaac Orr            Looking for Alan Mackenzie
03-232659 DilDesign            Re: hat juggling
03-234952 Alan Morgan          Re: Synchonized Box

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