Rec.Juggling Archive, February 27, 1999

27-000851 Isaac Orr            Correction: Lengthy reply to "seven clubs patt
27-004826 Markypeach           Re: Hyponosis through juggling?
27-011442 K Chu                Re: 5 Balls (was Re: Go me!!!)
27-021151 Dale Rueber          Re: Hints on Box (3b trick)
27-033338 Quiddity             juggle crazy....yet more
27-044231 Dale Rueber          Re: Claymotion Moves
27-052502 Richard Montricul    Re: Bad Subject Lines that Waste My Time - Arg
27-053433 Magijugglr           Re: Secret to 3 ball juggling?
27-081622 Wayne Burrows        Re: hat juggling
27-115553 Fabio Behr           Unicycle to sell
27-122835 Ken Fraser           Re: 4 ball juggling???
27-141750 Chris Emerson        Re: Hints on Box (3b trick)
27-154536 Rodirick             3,4,5 ball boxes (was: Hints on Box (3b trick)
27-163829 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: Jugglesaver for Win 3.1??
27-182137 Eric Promislow       Re: Anthony Gatto at Grand Casino in Biloxi Mi
27-192157 Driekus Heijsteeg    Lift naar Gotheborg festival

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