Rec.Juggling Archive, February 4, 1999

04-004031 Andrew Conway        Re: YoYo
04-011607 Tspam                Re: Q. Trade Name case in U.K.
04-013610 LP                   Re: Club Name?
04-015249 Andrew Conway        Re: Suggested revision of rec.juggling FAQ
04-034958 Nyermen              Re: Known Trick...
04-041209 APlotkin             Primm Video/Plotkin's Review
04-051430 Laura Green          Re: Competitions at Primm
04-054114 Dan Kane             Congrats to Paul Halter!!
04-054325 Laura Green          Life Membership IJA
04-065332 Henrik Nilsson       Re: Juggling taught in schools?
04-073056 Andrew Conway        Ignatov workshop in N. California
04-091923 Scott Seltzer        Re: Do they still make solid colored oddballs?
04-092337 Scott Seltzer        Re: Competitions at Primm
04-102335 Roland Hoss          Clowns without border/ Clowns ohne Grenzen
04-104421 Matthew Richardson   Re: Known Trick...
04-120159 Christophe Prechac   Re: a question about siteswaps
04-121118 Gerald R. Martin     IJA Discussion Group
04-124918 Nick Huxley          More Liverpool Juggling Convention
04-132451 Chris Darlaston      Clubs in the UK
04-140113 Bad Bri              Re: IJA Discussion Group
04-142536 Chris Raper          Re: Clubs in the UK
04-144030 K Chu                Re: Club Name?
04-144446 K Chu                Re: Knives
04-150901 Duncan               juggling skill levels
04-160638 Wolfgang Westerboer  siteswap animator - Joe Pass! 1.6 for Mac
04-163207 Yippee!!             Trick; "The Two Diabolo Inverse Trapeze".
04-164656 Dan Mitchell         Re: Known Trick...
04-165515 Rodirick             Re: Known Trick...
04-170443 Wolfgang Westerboer  Re: a question about siteswaps
04-175133 Duncan Hoyle         Re: YoYo
04-192224 Katje Sabin-Newmille Re: IJA Discussion Group
04-192458 savina.bernard       diabolo's pictures
04-195625 Jay Linn             Boo Boo the Clown - liquidation?
04-200854 Don Lewis            Re: Primm Video/Plotkin's Review
04-211504 Isaac Orr            Re: EJC Grenoble Dates  known ?
04-214945 stephen.whitis@spamM Re: juggling skill levels
04-223207 Isaac Orr            Re: Site Swaps Wanted
04-223739 Isaac Orr            Re: Passing patterns names question
04-224137 Isaac Orr            Re: Passing patterns names question
04-225723 Michael Ferguson     Re: Primm Video/Plotkin's Review
04-231941 Duncan Hoyle         Re: juggling skill levels
04-232237 Void Dragon          Re: juggling skill levels
04-232846 Bob                  Re: juggling skill levels
04-234002 David P. Thomas      Re: Congrats to Paul Halter!!
04-235211 Jason                Contact Jugglin
04-235912 Matthew Misbach      Juggling Theme for Windows

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