Rec.Juggling Archive, January 21, 1999

21-011900 idurbana@NOSPAMesote Re: Need web design help...
21-011906 idurbana@NOSPAMesote wich unicycle do you prefer to juggle?
21-012933 Bad Bri              Re: slow juggling
21-020156 Andrew Conway        Re: Gonzo Garfield
21-024352 Chris Fazio          Re: Standard Ball Size?
21-060948 Martin Frost me at s Re: slow juggling
21-074557 Katje Sabin-Newmille Re: IJA Fest
21-075049 Tokushige Norihide   middlesborough for jongl
21-091051 Re: Illuminated Juggling Balls
21-091623 Re: who are Vipa?
21-091846 Re: who are Vipa?
21-093539 Trog@email.fake      Re: Beard Radical Flash diabolo
21-095803 Rob Stone            MANDY DORN /JAMIE FLECTHER
21-102448 Chris Dunlop         Re: who are Vipa?
21-102920 Wayne van Wijk       Re: wich unicycle do you prefer to juggle?
21-104930 Michael              Re: Shops in London, UK
21-105113 Michael              Re: chatter ring
21-111839 Matthew Richardson   Re: Unknown Trick
21-120336 K Chu                Re: Irc Jugglers
21-125608   Re: wich unicycle do you prefer to juggle?
21-161637 Chrisp Simmons       Re: 1999, and other siteswaps  (was Re: What h
21-171150 Mini Mansell         Re: middlesborough for jongl
21-172441 Rob Stone            videos at chocfest 4
21-174547 kollenberg@my-dejane Re: slow juggling
21-183908 festivals@juggling.o Festivals Update
21-205638 Steve Doyle          Sheffield Convention
21-215216 garth                Re: Illuminated Juggling Balls (and warning re

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