Rec.Juggling Archive, January 17, 1999

17-041415 K Chu                Re: Juggle Saver
17-042031 K Chu                Re: Irc Jugglers
17-042248 K Chu                Re: What happens to this newsgroup?
17-044541 Madelyn Dinnerstein  The Boehmer Family Jugglers
17-060307 Andrew Conway        Re: Zavata the famous clown and bubbles
17-060932 Jake Cooper          Advanced siteswaps
17-083227 ejbagai@user1.telepo Re: The jugglers who get remembered
17-092035 ejbagai@user1.telepo Re: Competitions at Primm
17-140811 E.U.J.S              Edinburgh University Juggling Society
17-171607 Duellist01           Steve Rawlings Live & Unstable in Brighton !
17-175205 Charlie Holland      Bubble Blowers & London Int'l Mime Fest
17-184233 "C Wright"           Re: Advanced siteswaps
17-192126 Sal Santolucito      Any advice on making torches??
17-192933   Re: The jugglers who get remembered
17-201344 Henrik Nilsson       Re: need help making juggling bean bags
17-221852 Jacqui Knight        what happened to burke's barrage home page..?
17-222725 Jacqui Knight        burke's barrage home page exist?
17-230214 Dan Kane             Thank you Madfest
17-234643 Andrew Conway        Re: Difficulty (was: Competitions at Primm)

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