Rec.Juggling Archive, December 8, 1998

08-003135 The Riders           Re: Dancey's Devilment
08-013156 Bob Kelso            Re: balls self-making
08-025220 Kolin S. Murray      Re: Beginner: what's next?
08-055413 Lawrie Ransom        Re: What do you do with shaker cups?
08-064742 christian_juggler@my Re: Beginner: what's next?
08-070112 Anthony Bonnici      Re: balls self-making
08-085034 Johannes Waldmann    Re: site swap poker
08-085232 Christian Hollaender Re: Dancey's Devilment
08-085605 Christian Hollaender Re: Beginner: what's next?
08-090009 Christian Hollaender Re: toys
08-091123 Scott Seltzer        Re: site swap poker
08-110004 Re: 4b MM
08-125800 charlesrnhull@my-dej Re: Is this typical?
08-142431 Jani Kyllonen        UV Ball storage?
08-150715 Lute Kamstra         Re: How many jugglers?
08-205240 any greek people out there
08-230644 Isaac Orr            Dancey's Devilment fully explained
08-233058 Alan Morgan          More Anthony Gatto grist for the rumor mill

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