Rec.Juggling Archive, November 21, 1998

21-003911 JAG                  Re: Trick for the real gods...
21-011339 Tspam                Recent western history of multiple diabolos
21-024039 dimare               Have you ever seen?
21-024738 Borislav Deianov     Re: Simple Instructions for Time-Reversed Mill
21-045408 Juggler4JC           Is Ed Jackman out there?
21-061752 Jack & Kathy Kalvan  Re: Ending a seven ring cascade?
21-070808 Magijugglr           Naming Tricks -  Was :Re: (6,2x)(2x,2x)(2x,6)(
21-085806 yoavlavi@netvision.n Ball passing
21-093934 Martin Frost me at s Re: 7/8 clubs passing
21-165415 Alan Mackenzie       Re: juggling on basketball courts
21-165447 LP                   Re: making Numbers Juggling a sport
21-170124 LP                   Re: Birmingham juggling [was: making numbers j
21-170849 LP                   Re: Two Cannibals eating dinner
21-171846 LP                   Re: 15 club over whatever
21-172110 Rofi                 Re: Henry's Clubs
21-180142 LP                   Tie me up.. (Go on, it'll be fun!)
21-180528 LP                   String tings
21-190203 chris eriksen        Where has my Fergie Gone
21-195910 Lars Burgstahler     Re: EJA replies to the 'Alternative Meeting' i
21-224624 Michael Ferguson     Re: Where has my Fergie Gone
21-225851 Charlie Holland      Degree in Circus - recommended reading suggest

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