Rec.Juggling Archive, October 6, 1998

06-001516 Jimbren541           Re: diabolo
06-004603 Jeff S Langloss      Re: Got any advice on teaching a group to jugg
06-015931 MJMSONGS             Re: Cleveland, Ohio - Juggling Fest (Thanks)
06-023116 Pete Lilja           Re: Filling Tennis Balls
06-030809 Atticus              Re: Filling Tennis Balls
06-034551 Bill Giduz           Re: Filling Tennis Balls
06-044859 Barton Chittenden    Re: rings....
06-050224      Philadelphia Jugglers Festival -- change of lo
06-054017 Barton Chittenden    Re: Filling Tennis Balls
06-082837 Jani Ilari Kyllönen  Re: Filling Tennis Balls
06-091242 Johannes Waldmann    learning synch siteswaps
06-114006 Re: rings....
06-121546 Little Paul          Re: Balloon Modelling workshops
06-125359 Rob Lister           Columbian Street Circus
06-132501 Kevin Rowe           Re: Balloon Modelling workshops
06-133547 Gerald R. Martin     Re: Filling Tennis Balls
06-140516 Trog@email.fake      Re: Balloon Modelling workshops
06-140845 Trog@email.fake      Re: Henrys jazz diabolo
06-150610   Re: Showering Numbers record
06-153136 ARINO.CANTON@wanadoo moving from a siteswap to another
06-171241 Gofli                Re: Help!  I just can't get it!
06-171321 Gregory Edwards      Lodi 1998 Juggling Festival Schedule of Events
06-184319 Francis Favorini     Re: Philadelphia Jugglers Festival -- change o
06-185029 RELASALLE            Re: Philadelphia Jugglers Festival -- change o
06-194701 Ron                  Re: Henrys jazz diabolo
06-221655 Mr. Phillip Sand Han Re: Filling Racquet balls
06-230522 Jack Boyce           Online paper: "Physical Demands of Numbers Jug

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