Rec.Juggling Archive, August 26, 1998

26-001546 Edward Jackman       Los Angeles area only -- Local juggling meetin
26-005812 Peter Billam         Metronomes great for practising
26-010020 Steven de Rooij      Re: cigarette tricks
26-020847     Re: Using foods to slur other groups (little j
26-020924 Staffan Olofsson     Re: Shaker cups?
26-023701 Witt                 Colliding Ball
26-025312 Alan Morgan          Re: Colliding Ball
26-040401 David P. Thomas      Re: Colliding Ball
26-080543 Thomas DUHAMEAU      Re: cigarette tricks
26-084519 Lawrie Ransom        Re: cigarette tricks
26-093830 K Chu                Re: Edinburgh Notes
26-094034 K Chu                Re: good web sites
26-095014 K Chu                Re: Using foods to slur other groups (little j
26-095500 "C Wright"           Re: Edinburgh video [was:pictures from Edinbur
26-102616 Charlie Hull         Re: EJC98 - Yet another...ridiculous thread
26-105236 Mark Worley          Re: Juggling Clubs - Hertfordshire
26-110548 Alan MacDonald       Re: cigarette tricks
26-131025 ejbagai@user2.telepo Re: EJC98 smoking - YAPV
26-140921     Re: Shaker cups?
26-150225 Scott Seltzer        Re: cigarette tricks
26-155636   New info at IJA Website
26-194414 Re: Colliding Ball
26-210252        Gatto News
26-214806 Andrew John Conway   Mark Nizer to star at Lodi
26-233130 yoavlavi@netvision.n BEANBAGS

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