Rec.Juggling Archive, July 24, 1998

24-001252 AlDoug38             Why we should all give clubs a try (was Re: Fo
24-003205 Staffan Olofsson     Re: juggling 1 or 2 balls
24-012315 Lawrie Ransom        Re: Contact Juggling?
24-023354 Mickey Simple        Re: Jacks
24-025049 Mickey Simple        John Lehr on new  NBC "Must See TV" Thursday T
24-031534 Mickey Simple        Re: John Lehr on "Jesse"
24-053815 Gerald R. Martin     Re: jay's EJC show...
24-063144 ejbagai@user1.telepo Re: The Circus Space Millennium Training Schem
24-072643 Matt Shacklady       Re: Gosport (UK) Juggling Club ?
24-080341 Lars Burgstahler     SPOILER !! Re: Sport Juggling awareness raisin
24-130015 Conley               Half shower to shower
24-132423 Steven de Rooij      Re: juggling 1 or 2 balls
24-153956 Dionysos             Re: And yet... Another fuel question
24-154616 Dionysos             Re: Half shower to shower
24-154700 Hatta                Re: Jacks
24-211838 "C Wright"           Re: EJC98 Prereg Extension and Credit Cards
24-232640 AlDoug38             Re: Juggling & magic on tv

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