Rec.Juggling Archive, July 23, 1998

23-000922 Pokey The Clown      Re: And yet... Another fuel question
23-002153 Pokey The Clown      Re: Knife Juggling/Throwing
23-005024 Katje Sabin-Newmille Re: IJA: Who's sorry now?
23-005957 Katje Sabin-Newmille Re: IJA reality-check
23-014903 Martin Frost me at s Re: passing patterns
23-033302 matt Rogers          club start
23-044238 Barton Chittenden    Re: Why is there no UK nationals competition?
23-071724 Lars Burgstahler     Re: passing patterns
23-071914 Lars Burgstahler     Re: passing patterns
23-073821 Lars Burgstahler     EJC confirmation siteswap
23-091238 Thomas Ewards        Swedish jugglers
23-102331 Jacinta              Re: new 3 ball trick
23-103315 Dionysos             Re: Contact Juggling?
23-221048 Bill King            Primm Resort :-(  (Very Long)
23-221341 Andrew Conway        Re: IJA Board of Directors
23-222039 Bill King            Re: Jacks
23-223511 jamesjay@my-dejanews no more IJA winter fest? (was Re: IJA reality-
23-235555 Philip Broder        Re: Contact Juggling?

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