Rec.Juggling Archive, April 21, 1998

21-021514 Katje Sabin-Newmille Re: Jugging/Puzzles in Book
21-102848 Colin Eberhardt      Italian juggling convention
21-103140 lithos               Re: Is 6 balls necessary to master to learn to
21-110433 steve                ball manipulation
21-112823 steve                juggleanim java applet
21-120044 Chris Emerson        Re: multiplexing question
21-142104 Andrew Conway        Re: Portland Diary
21-151113 Scott Seltzer        Israeli Juggling Convention Highlights
21-153610 Chrisp Simmons       Re: multiplexing question
21-174629 JAG                  Re: Training and juggling
21-174925     Re: Is 6 balls necessary to master to learn to
21-175002 Njin-Zu Chen         Re: Green flame (again)
21-195233 thomasl@socrates.ber Re: Training and juggling
21-195521 Luke Tucker          7 balls
21-200320 Tommy Drake          Re: Why do we juggle?  (Was: UPDATE: frustrate
21-201506 Nick Wilson          Re: Training and juggling
21-203018 Tommy Drake          Re: Training and juggling
21-223546 Andrew H Denton      Re: UNICYCLE LADY ARRESTED IN DC (Long)
21-224548 Scott Allen Cain     New Christian Juggling Book
21-225152 Paul Grimes          Re: Training and juggling
21-230231 Micky                Re: Green flame (again)
21-232209 Micky                Re: Outta my league, but what the heck
21-234057 Micky                Re: fuel?

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