Rec.Juggling Archive, July 11, 1997

11-015318 Andrew Conway        Re: Sport vs performance juggling
11-015324 Andrew Conway        Who won IJA 1989 People's Choice?
11-022302 Seth Golub           Re: Anyone know where........
11-024902 Edward Jackman       Re: I.J.A. public show
11-052744 Jack Boyce           Re: Numbers force bouncing
11-055055 Brian A. Miller      Re: I.J.A. public show
11-150404 Brian A. Miller      Re: Diabolo Record
11-195933 James J. Barlow      Re: DevilStick Tricks
11-202431 Jennings B           Re: Size of contact juggling balls
11-204801 Karen Taussig        Documentary on Jugglers and Juggling
11-214816 BSINCLAIR9           FS Gaffed Straight Jacket (Large)

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