Rec.Juggling Archive, July 8, 1997

08-004026 Drew Richardson      More Target Props (cheap)
08-005828 Matt F. Cary         Re: Juggling & Aging
08-013816 JAG                  Dirty Diabolo Rumors (Was Re: Diabolo Record)
08-015643 JAG                  Joggling is Silly
08-020839 JAG                  Re: Jug Question
08-021725 JAG                  Re: Size of contact juggling balls
08-054450 Brunngatto           Numbers force bouncing
08-055242 Juggleclub           *Passing/Solo* 32 Spins
08-123154 Garth                ISO wholesale bean bag supplier
08-164601 Darryl Hill          Check This Out!!!
08-174557 Francis Favorini     Re: Jug Question
08-174914 Christopher Jay Phel Re: Size of contact juggling balls
08-190539 TAStrong             Re: Controlling two diabolos.
08-195707 APlotkin             Re: Intellectual Property (Re: Triangle Juggli
08-210143 pete walbridge       Minnesota juggling!
08-223355  Re: Controlling two diabolos.
08-225641 Dan Sweet            Flying K's on Public Television

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