Rec.Juggling Archive, June 12, 1997

12-005630 Guesue               Re: Eric's escalator
12-014908 Michael Ferguson     Tasty tidbit? (was: a problem (was: other stuf
12-064655 Daniel Holzman (Rasp Re: Hats and canes
12-105810 Jack Kalvan          Re: American Celebrities who are/can juggle
12-124302 "Colin E."           Re: Performing With Diabolos (Performance Drop
12-174935 Eric Shibuya         3" Dube Stage Balls to trade?
12-221838 Rodirick             Christian Jugglers
12-224038 recoveries from diabolo flubs
12-225324 Jay Byler            Re: IJA reports (was Air conditioning is cool)

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