Rec.Juggling Archive, June 9, 1997

09-023717 Dusty Galbraith      Re: getting to know Kit
09-121955 Don Lewis            Re: Air conditioning is cool
09-123645 Gerald R. Martin     Re: Home made devil sticks
09-124451 'Little' Paul        Re: conact juggling is worth it :-)
09-153645 Mike Excell          Re: glasses and juggling (was Too many subject
09-164339 Wbox                 Artistic Passing - Do This:
09-202745 David A. Thomas      Re: Martial arts and juggling (was Re: stuff a
09-220021 JCRjuggler           Re: Bowling Balls
09-234426 Jay Byler            Re: The real problem (was: Stuff about Jugglin

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