Rec.Juggling Archive, May 23, 1997

23-001859 Leah J. Vriesman     Comments on the Passing Zone
23-004305 Peter Bier           Re: Handling the Humiliation (was Re: New Dall
23-015332 LD                   Re: Scam Alert
23-063150 Gregory Edwards      Juggling Monkeys
23-101756 Martin Harlow        Re: Books/movies with Juggling
23-113418 Angus Lamond         Re: Diabolo double suicide
23-164728 sky                  Jugglers in San Antonio/Eagle Pass TX
23-182547 Trevor Dennis        Re: Scam Alert
23-205931 jon solberg          club passing for beginners?
23-212617 Christopher Jay Phel Re: Opinions on last weekend...

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