Rec.Juggling Archive, May 19, 1997

19-003003 Jack Smith           Re: CYBERPROMO SUCKS!!!!
19-032016 Dredhead             Re: CYBERPROMO SUCKS!!!!
19-040441 Eric Shibuya         Re: Campaign Diary. We must be up to about eig
19-042324 David Clasky         Re: CYBERPROMO SUCKS!!!!
19-065929       New Dallas Juggler
19-113757 'Little' Paul        Re: any advice on passing patterns?
19-114340 'Little' Paul        Re: Learning to Juggle
19-115810 'Little' Paul        Charity gig comming up - Please lend a hand!
19-120641 Glyn Hanton          Re: Campaign Diary. We must be up to about eig
19-122324 Tom Sulston          Re: Monkey juggling????
19-132306 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling patterns
19-150404 Customer Service     Re: CYBERPROMO SUCKS!!!!
19-155814 Diesel Driver        Re: CYBERPROMO SUCKS!!!!
19-180306 Tom Funk             Re: CYBERPROMO SUCKS!!!!
19-191315 Rodney Barton        Re: New Dallas Juggler
19-220324 Ralph Ray Craig      Re: Monkey juggling????
19-221422 vonnegut@concentric. Re: Gillette Slide
19-225239 Andrew John Conway   Re: New Dallas Juggler
19-235034 Thomas Childers      Mirc

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