Rec.Juggling Archive, May 15, 1997

15-015658 QBOB                 How a ring spins
15-075648 Michael Ferguson     Re: Stage Balls
15-124313 Dan Sweet            Re: any advice on passing patterns?
15-125340 Dan Sweet            Re: Juggling Addiction was: Learning to Juggle
15-125947 Gerald R. Martin     Re: Monkey juggling????
15-160228 G.S.Sinclair         Re: And The Band Played On
15-164829 Lars Burgstahler     Re: juggling apples in my tuxido
15-173000 JAG                  Deviant Juggling - was: British Juggling Feder
15-175237 Inter-BBS            FreeNetAccessWorldwide
15-181811 Micky                Re: Making clubs myself
15-182635 Andrew John Conway   Campaign Diary. We must be up to about eight b
15-203833 tinger               Re: Colored Flames (UK)
15-210304 Marc Summers         The Entertainers Network
15-211025 Timothy E. Vaughan   Re: British Juggling Federation
15-220143 T.Basu               260E balloons
15-222823 Hugh Parker          Re: And The Band Played On
15-223930 Webmaster            Re: Monkey juggling????
15-232133 Martin Hungerford    Re: fire manipulation?

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