Rec.Juggling Archive, May 9, 1997

09-004050 Joe                  Re: Presidents & Heros
09-005724 place username her   Re: Scam Alert
09-005851 K Chu                Re: Four Club Tricks.
09-010730 KitSummers           Mr. E's Night of the Jugglers, by Kit Summers
09-011232 KitSummers           Re: Any tips for performing for kids??
09-030348 Bill Giduz           Re: Campoon diary,  spon the seventh
09-033037 Scott Sorensen       Re: Four Club Tricks.
09-062445 Andrew John Conway   Re: Campoon diary,  spon the seventh
09-073022 Curtis Miller        Smart Transitions Website
09-083150 Lars Burgstahler     New (?) 8-Person Passing Pattern
09-093205 ejbagai@linda.telepo Re: Wrist Bands/Passes was Re: And The Band Pl
09-101819 lithos               Re: Jay Gilligan's Show Review!! It's Finally 
09-162300 Glyn Hanton          Re: DO YOU WANT THE IJA TO CHANGE???
09-172031 Ross Wintle          Uhh?
09-183105 thomasl              Re: Four Club Tricks.
09-213512 Chris De Salvo       Mac version of JuggleMaster available
09-220805 Dusty Galbraith      Info Request: Unsupported Ladder

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