Rec.Juggling Archive, May 8, 1997

08-010720 Ghost Rider          Re: Scam Alert
08-051300 Paul Bunson          Re: Pole/staff spinning...
08-061010 Andrew John Conway   Campoon diary,  spon the seventh
08-101502 Jan-Fredrik Braseth  Juggling shops in Paris
08-110434 Steve Carter         Kit Spammer
08-125553 Gerald R. Martin     Re: Circus Music Needed
08-131816 Brian D Milner       Re: Wrist Bands/Passes was Re: And The Band Pl
08-145755 caribou1             Re: Scam Alert
08-154033 Chad Foxglove        4ball mills mess
08-160656 Rick Langer          Re: first clubs?
08-164321 Brian D Milner       Re: what is the hour salary for a juggling ins
08-195425 Xavier Haase         Re: Scam Alert
08-203851 Francis Favorini     Re: Four Club Tricks.
08-211656 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
08-214003 Alan Morgan          Re: Four Club Tricks.
08-224836 Chris LaReau         Re: Four Club Tricks.
08-231725 John J Lee           Re: Four Club Tricks.

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