Rec.Juggling Archive, May 6, 1997

06-000128 K Chu                Re: first clubs?
06-024651      Help: Diablo up string
06-030809 sky                  Re: most infuriating comment?
06-042010 BAKimbrell           Circus Music Needed
06-052348 Daniel Papa          Re: 4 items
06-054135 Andrew John Conway   Re: Circus Music Needed
06-094408 rfs1                 Re: Wrist Bands/Passes was Re: And The Band Pl
06-105557 rick murphy          Re: Plate spinning Q
06-113723 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
06-123149 'Little' Paul        Pole/staff spinning...
06-123518 'Little' Paul        Bristol (UK) Convention
06-124014 'Little' Paul        Lush balls (NEW TOYS!!!)
06-140056 Your Actual Name     Re: Scam Alert
06-142442 rfs1                 Re: DO YOU WANT THE IJA TO CHANGE???
06-145118 Re: And The Band Played On
06-164155 Brian D Milner       Re: what is the hour salary for a juggling ins
06-165118 Brian D Milner       Re: Bristol (UK) Convention
06-170309 Xtreme               Re: Scam Alert
06-195116 Borislav Deianov     Re: Odd patterns
06-205101 Arthur Lewbel        Help Wanted for Jug World Project
06-222555 Emanuel35            Re: Scam Alert
06-225936 SuperGrrrl           Re: Scam Alert

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