Rec.Juggling Archive, May 5, 1997

05-011903 Dusty Galbraith      Re: But who's counting?
05-024545 Bill Giduz           Help Wanted for Jug World Project
05-031118 Michael Ferguson     Re: Camp Pain Diary, Volume 6
05-040607 Peter Bier           Re: Learning to Juggle
05-060519 Peter Bier           any advice on passing patterns?
05-070406 Craig Folkman        Re: Scam Alert (Owen the whimp)
05-131302 James Corley         Standard Flame Response   was: Scam Alert (Boo
05-140034 Gisli Leifsson       Re: most infuriating comment?
05-143155 LinkCo               Re: Scam Alert
05-143405 LinkCo               Re: Scam Alert
05-154931 CPA2000              Re: Scam Alert
05-164132 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
05-212501 Magnus Dehli         Re: dube stage ball question
05-212645 'Little' Paul        Re: 3 person passing paterns
05-214114 Jon Evans            Re: Scam Alert (Boomhower the whimp)
05-224641 'Little' Paul        Re: Patterns that Never Repeat
05-225810 Curtis Miller        Smart Transitions & Stuff
05-232216 Robert Mooberry      Re: Scam Alert

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