Rec.Juggling Archive, April 30, 1997

30-004847 Patrick Thompson     Re: most infuriating comment?
30-012559 K Chu                Re: Plate spinning Q
30-012716 K Chu                Re: most infuriating comment?
30-013030 Tim McGregor         My current status
30-013442 Tim McGregor         Re: Any tips for performing for kids??
30-022243 Ben Jennings         Re:  10BJC
30-030532 Johnny Hopper        Re: Wrist Bands/Passes was Re: And The Band Pl
30-045005 Peter Bier           balancing on a ladder??
30-061314 JCRjuggler           Re: Are you a thrower or a catcher?
30-074836 Steve G.             Florida
30-122039 Steve Carter         Re: Odd patterns
30-122224 Antonio & Alessandra cerco giocolieri !!!
30-132751 Scott Seltzer        Re: Contact info for Clown Care Unit (Clinic C
30-154049 Chris Simmons        BBC Learning Zone.
30-161510 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling, popularity rise?
30-162515 rfs1                 Re: BBC Learning Zone.
30-162817 Glyn Hanton          Re: eye problems with endurance

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