Rec.Juggling Archive, April 29, 1997

29-092010 Martin Hungerford    Re: 3 person passing paterns
29-100834 Brian D Milner       Re: 10th BJC Awards
29-104047 Jani Ilari Kyllönen  Re: most infuriating comment?
29-104130 'Little' Paul        Re: 5ball problem
29-104618 Jani Ilari Kyllönen  Plate spinning Q
29-134630 Chad Foxglove        Re: first clubs?
29-141603 fugue@nospam.ccp.uch Re: Wrist Bands/Passes was Re: And The Band Pl
29-145905 Glyn Hanton          Re: Juggling, popularity rise?
29-145959 SuperOpp             Re: Scam Alert
29-152945 Chris Simmons        Re: most infuriating comment?
29-153509 Chris Simmons        Re: juggling oddities
29-164257 Andrew John Conway   Re: Plate spinning Q
29-165032 Rob Prior            Re: first clubs?
29-165822 K Chu                Re: And The Band Played On (was:  Mad Dogs ...
29-165829 K Chu                Re: 20th Euro Convention
29-170428 Jonathan Stadler     Re: most infuriating comment?
29-180524 SWhitby              Re: most infuriating comment?
29-210719 MARK A. STOCKTON     Re: Scam Alert
29-211144 KaosGa               Re: Juggling Survey
29-211441 Jason Griffey        Any tips for performing for kids??
29-223000 Gaven Miller         Rae: Presidents & Heros
29-224719 Gaven Miller         Rae: Presidents & Heros
29-225713 Boomhower            Re: Scam Alert

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