Rec.Juggling Archive, April 28, 1997

28-010044 "C Wright"           Juggling on television (UK)
28-035231 Casper Voogt         Atlanta 1997 Race Unity Festival
28-050154 VivecaGard           Re: Juggling, popularity rise?
28-082222 Cas Renooij          Re: Scam Alert
28-102653 Rupert Voelcker      Re: 20th Euro Convention
28-112652 Ross Wintle          Re: 5ball problem
28-120738 N.H. Huxley          Re: Juggling in Cardiff (UK)
28-124314 Brian D Milner       Re: what is the hour salary for a juggling ins
28-143824 'Little' Paul        3 person passing paterns
28-155739 Glyn Hanton          Re: 10th BJC Awards
28-161915 K Chu                Re: Problems with unicycle hovering.
28-162033 K Chu                Re: 2 Million E-Mail Addresses $35.95
28-162034 K Chu                Re: DO YOU WANT THE IJA TO CHANGE???
28-162035 K Chu                Re: Juggling in Cardiff (UK)
28-162333 'Little' Paul        Re: most infuriating comment?
28-221414 Christ van Willegen  Re: Scam Alert
28-225544 Tom Ryan             mr. babache site
28-234606 vonnegut@concentric. Fire Breathing/ Human Blasts

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