Rec.Juggling Archive, April 3, 1997

03-000208 Hii you              Re: IJA Competitions
03-000240 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Please stop politics
03-001320 Hii you              Re: new guy
03-001543 Persinthia Lawdro    Re: Scam Alert
03-011156 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Scam Alert
03-014426 Ian D. Lindley       Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-020451 JAG                  Re:
03-020456 D&Y                  Re: Scam Alert
03-021756 Christophe W Woodfor Re: Scam Alert
03-023921 Leo T. Marier        Re: 5=100
03-023951 Tom                  Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-025425 Andrew John Conway   Re: Oregon Festival!
03-031706 Flying Toaster #5024 Re: STOP THIS CRUD NOW
03-034311 M.P.McCaffrey        Re: Scam Alert
03-035347 WilyKat              Re: IJA Pittsburgh Anyone going inter-campus ?
03-035914 Jeanette Halia       Re: STOP THIS PERIODS PAD SHIT NOW
03-040036 Jeanette Halia       Re: PERIOD PADS
03-044811 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
03-061151 Mark Klein           Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-061212 Andrei Calciu        Re: Scam Alert
03-072754 Janice in NYC        Re: Please stop politics
03-073536    Re: Presidents & Heros
03-080837 Larry F.             Re: Scam Alert
03-082900 Sol                  Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-085416 "C Wright"           Re: Happy 102nd Magnus!
03-093425 Scott Seltzer        Re: Kick-Up
03-101116 Z                    Re: Presidents & Heros
03-112351 Rishi Batra          Re: new guy
03-113700 Jack Boyce           Re: Nine Ball Juggling
03-114106 Jani Ilari Kyllönen  Re: new guy
03-115334 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
03-120453 Jani Ilari Kyllönen  Re: Nine Ball Juggling
03-143731 Linda MacPherson     Re: Scam Alert
03-144817 Anon                 Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-150630 LMuney               Re: Ringling clown college dream
03-161527 Nightweb             Re: Scam Alert
03-162715 Anon                 Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-165340 JAG                  Re: new guy
03-173119 acitrus              Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-173125 Devon                Re: Presidents & Heros
03-173426 Alan Morgan          Re: Oregon Festival!
03-173822 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
03-173926 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
03-174014 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
03-174058 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
03-174226 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
03-174437 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
03-174622 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
03-175843 Stephane Saux        Re: Y-pattern juggling
03-183814 David 'Mort' Mortman Re: Nine Ball Juggling
03-185305 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
03-190720 matthew bouchard     busking or parties
03-191119 P.W. Fenton          Don't reply to - Scam Alert
03-191748 Jack T               Re: Scam Alert
03-211525 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Scam Alert
03-211646 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Scam Alert
03-211811 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Scam Alert
03-211949 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Scam Alert
03-212120 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Scam Alert
03-212215 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Scam Alert
03-212337 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Presidents & Heros
03-212428 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: ALL OF YOU DUMBASSES, LISTEN UP!
03-212523 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Presidents & Heros
03-212759 Eric Zehnbauer       ALL OF YOU DUMBASSES, LISTEN UP!
03-214045 Stephane Saux        Re: 5=100
03-214919 Asmo                 Re: Ditto
03-223420 Doug Harris          Re: Oregon Festival!
03-230921 Janice in NYC        Re: STOP THIS SHIT NOW
03-233708 M.P.McCaffrey        Re: Scam Alert
03-235044 Joran Elias          633 advice needed

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