Rec.Juggling Archive, April 2, 1997

02-003747 "C Wright"           Re: we love you, thomasl!!!
02-005049 Harv Holcomb         Re: Scam Alert
02-010302 Anon                 Re: New mailvirus +$$$$$$$$$$$$$
02-011257 Mark Klebanoff       Re: Presidents & Heros
02-011412 Mark Klein           Re: Scam Alert
02-012039 Michael Ferguson     Re: mr e's night of the jugglers
02-012406 David Critchfield    Re: IJA Pittsburgh Location?
02-013816 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
02-020836 Yos H                Re: Scam Alert
02-020921 Yos H                Re: Presidents & Heros
02-030216 Burghy               Re: Scam Alert
02-030919 Steve Heller         Re: PERIOD PADS
02-034755 David Smith          Re: Scam Alert
02-041649 Mike Settle <"warloc Re: PERIOD PADS
02-041914 Mike Settle <"warloc Re: PERIOD PADS
02-043047 Don Roberts          Re: Scam Alert
02-050442 C.R. Krieger         Re: Scam Alert
02-065542 Adam Good            Re: PERIOD PADS
02-073849 BonzoDog             PERIOD PADS
02-075614 Jesse                Re: Scam Alert
02-081614 Neil Frankish        Re: Scam Alert
02-090616 IUCU/datortek        Re: Progress: I'm learning!
02-094156 Martin Frost         Re: A challenge for 2 passer & 6 clubs
02-102044    Re: Presidents & Heros
02-105316 Janice in NYC        Re: PERIOD PADS
02-105526 Hii you              Re: Kick-Up
02-120502 JIS Festivals Editor Latest JIS Festival Updates
02-125202 dreiss               Re: Scam Alert
02-131647 Mark Poirier         Re: Presidents & Heros
02-132118 Mark C Olson         Re: PERIOD PADS
02-133356 Mattias Ericson      Re: Scam Alert
02-134607 Andreas Dieberger    Tallahassee Festival postponed???
02-153955 Derek Bosch          Re: How to start four-ball shower?
02-155820 Guillaume Pandraud   Please stop politics
02-163531 Brent Theobald       Re: Presidents & Heros
02-165402 JAG                  Re: Kick-Up
02-165423 NoneOfYourBusiness   STOP THIS SHIT NOW
02-170135 Harley Davidson      Re: PERIOD PADS
02-172547 Tanner Lovelace      Re: When is Dept. of Juggline DC fest?
02-174755 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-174913 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-174956 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-175044 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-175152 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-175651 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-175825 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-175955 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-180157 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-180356 Sparky               Re: Scam Alert
02-183445 TonyDunc             Juggling  @ corning in Science mag
02-184246 W. Larsen            Re: Scam Alert
02-185547 Priapism             Re: How to start four-ball shower?
02-191918 Fabulana <"Qspike"@a Re: Please stop politics
02-192046 Tim McGregor         Houston jugglers?
02-192148 FAUSTUS              Re: Scam Alert
02-194424 Pizzaboy             Re: Scam Alert
02-195712 Todd A Neufeld       Re: IJA Pittsburgh Location?
02-200052 Claire Little        Re: UK vs US
02-200506 ROGER AND HERMINE ST Re: Scam Alert
02-201251 Ed Price             Re: Scam Alert
02-201925 Andrei Calciu        Re: Scam Alert
02-202009 Andrei Calciu        Re: Scam Alert
02-203610 Jamie Hayward        Re: How to learn?
02-213335 Jeremy Michael Crosb Re: Presidents & Heros
02-213449 Jeremy Michael Crosb Re: Scam Alert
02-221851 Janice in NYC        Re: Scam Alert
02-221859 Janice in NYC        Re: Scam Alert
02-222939 Eric Olivares        Oregon Festival!
02-224546 Arthur Lewbel        Re: A post from Albert Lucas
02-225333 Hii you              Re: IJA Pittsburgh Location?
02-230107 Fraser               Re: Please stop politics
02-230449 Janice in NYC        Re: Presidents & Heros
02-231706 Gerald Bostock       Re: PERIOD PADS
02-233037 Ward A. Myers        Bloomington Jugglefest

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