Rec.Juggling Archive, March 25, 1997

25-000918 Monika E. Kolodziej  sound system advice wanted
25-004257 DICK FRANCO          Re: Hippie Sticks??
25-005220 Daniel S. Lieb       Re: Who can juggle 5 balls
25-015138 JAG                  Re: Looking for Best Sources for Juggling Good
25-033823 DICK FRANCO          Re: Franco vs. Thomas
25-034407 DICK FRANCO          Re: True measure of raw skill
25-035830 DICK FRANCO          Re: THANKS Thomasl
25-063254 Jack Kalvan          Re: sound system advice wanted
25-114711 DICK FRANCO          Re: New Ring Workshops! comments please!
25-114727 Gisli Leifsson       Re: Avoiding RSI?
25-121227 rfs1                 RJ Saloon and JIS
25-121857 DICK FRANCO          Re: Additional Reprimands
25-152027 DICK FRANCO          Re: VESTED INTEREST Revised List
25-172117 thomasl              Re: THANKS Thomasl
25-183641 John Rauser          Fuzzy Bunnies are nice for juggling
25-193244 Paul Isaak           Re: sound system advice wanted
25-213519 Claire Little        Re: VESTED INTEREST!

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