Rec.Juggling Archive, March 20, 1997

20-014516 Dan Sweet            There's a hole in my bag
20-025001 thomasl              death threads!
20-035556 Brian A. Miller      Re: British Juggling Convention
20-045420 Jack Kalvan          Re: Another post from Jay Gilligan
20-051229 Michael Sullivan     Re: Who can juggle 5 balls
20-083542 ejbagai@kelly.telepo Re: Contact Juggling
20-084343 SMckin8373           Re: Caught Clean
20-085439 ejbagai@kelly.telepo Re: British Juggling convention 1997 nottingha
20-090147 Rupert Voelcker      Re: Winnipeg Juggling Festival
20-101735 Brian Phillips       Re: Who can juggle 5 balls
20-154755 Tommy Wilson         Balancing????
20-173845 Priapism             Re: Lift from London to BJC  needed for Africa
20-180932 Joyce Howard         Re: Clubs that are easy on the hands
20-231210 Bill King            Re: Bizarre juggling accidents
20-231852 pjb10                Book juggling????

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